NIKE Los Angeles,
BRS Van Announcement
The new BRS Van, an homage to the vehicle that started it all for Nike Running, is here, kitted out with everything you need to get run-ready. We’re hitting the road with our partner run crews for a series of fun experiences that will have you running LA in a new way. Come run with us and discover your city, a new community, and maybe even something you never knew about yourself.

NIKELA x Running Mamis

Running Mamis is all about honoring where you come from and creating a welcoming, safe community for the mamas, bebes, tias, amigas, and abuelas (and those that love and support them).

Follow the BRS Van as we join Running Mamis for a special run at LA Historic Park and discover what it’s like to run with intention, joy and as an homage to those who came before us.