who we are

CREATIVE SEVEN was started to guide businesses through the process of elevating their brand. Before CREATIVE SEVEN, premium design, photography, and video was hard to find, time consuming, and added stress on the business and its employees. Due to that, our customers either did everything themselves or worked with…”I got a guy” to get the job done.

Our typical customers are successful businesses that are ready to compete at the next level, but can’t justify hiring a media and/or marketing team. Our clients love us because we are their team! We give our clients the premium look and feel that their company deserves and we would love to come show you how we could help Elevate Your Brand!


justin spina

Justin’s 13 years in graphic design and brand development has built him a long list of clients that he is bringing to CREATIVE SEVEN. He loves taking his client's vision and building a finished project that delivers above what they could have imagined. He is a true artist that can breath life into his designs. Justin’s work sparks emotion in all that see it. He also is able to do that for a diverse client base from Real Estate Companies to Churches, he just refuses to work with Clippers fans. #GoLakers  


jared terpenning

Jared has over 20 years of business leadership experience. He knows the value of CREATIVE SEVEN’S product, because he has needed it in the past and could never find it. As a business professional, he was forced to have a “guy” for this and a “guy” for that. He spent too many hours coordinating his “guys” and that's how he knew CREATIVE SEVEN was going to really guide their clients to success.


ace barro

Ace has been told by his clients that he has found his true calling as a photographer. He has traveled the world doing shoots in a variety of industries from fashion to real estate. He is addicted to creating a vision with a client and making it happen. Ace is most proud of his recent shoot for a major handbag company (sorry can’t tell you who just yet). You will know Ace is in the zone at one of his shoots when you hear him singing to himself.


Don Barro

Don is a storyteller and wants to use his over ten years of experience in design and media to tell your story. He not only will capture your heart with his work, but you will see the true essence of a moment translated from a picture or video to an emotional experience through his editing and design. Don is so excited about the relationship that we can offer our clients, because we care about their success and we know that the more successful they are, the more successful we all will be!